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Stages of Growing as a Visual Thinking Professional

by helly bordia March 31, 2021
Stages of Growing as a Visual Thinking Professional by Piyuesh Modi

The latest technology presents an extensive range of mind blowing tools to us. They make it immensely easy for us with Visual Thinking to note down our ideas and thoughts in a creative and a very effectively easy way.

But not everyone’s hands on experience can be easy with this super wide range of tools.
So we will show you how only ONE application can make your life easy in the journey of becoming a Visual Thinking professional. That is Notes or Notepad which is inbuilt in almost all the devices. Every Visual Thinker can easily practice on this!
Simple and yet hand drawn pictures create so much more impact on your desired audience rather than complicated use of heavy words. Because however smart and highly intellectual people are, deep down, everyone prefers easy comprehension instead of complicated vocabulary. This adaptation of Visual Thinking will help you gain rewards.
We can sense, in fact, everyone can sense the growing demand for visual skills. So why not excel it before everyone does and gain an upper hand at it?
There is so much you can do and play around with in the world of Visual Thinking.it does not limit you or pin you down to any certain act. But only doing it the right way might get you on the journey to becoming a professional.
All the marketers and companies have been catching up with the visual thinking fever! You get a massive range of audience attracted to it. This is not just limited to artists but everyone! It is for marketers, business people, students, professors, leaders, managers and many more!
Your artistic skills do not matter much at all in order to become a professional. All you need is truck loads of practice and passion! So, pick up your pen and get ready to nail this!
So here’s how you can grow- I’ll put forth a few major enhancive stages to becoming a Visual Thinking Professional:

Building your visual vocabulary is the building stage in Visual Thinking

A pin board with visual vocabulary icons
So the first question that pops in our minds is, “where should i start from?” or “how do i start?” The idea of building you visual vocabulary is fascinating and let me tell you, so is the process. If we had to start learning verbal vocabulary, it would have been easy to start considering we all have a physical dictionary. But never have we ever heard of a visual dictionary. So how will you start sketching? take the jump and start with some really basic stuff.

Pick your desired topic first

Be it a topic regarding what you are studying, the field you are in,things you are passionate towards, the study you are pursuing, your talents, your hobbies, things you love to do, or anything else that you care about. It all depends solely on you.

Pen down words related to that certain topic

Write down as many as words you can think of relating to the topic.

Try drawing small figures denoting those words

Develop a few small icon sized drawings for the words that you have listed down in your book. It need not be perfect or accurate. You can freely do some google searches as for it to guide you. There is zero harm or restriction towards that. In fact it will help you better your imagination.
This exercise is simply one of the finest ways to boost your confidence as a visual thinker.

Visual Storytelling 

A visual roadmap
Isn’t taking down notes a colossal pain? It is not just about huge pieces and paragraphs but the fact that you need to disseminate the points and facts in a structured manner after barely understanding the concept
So having vision maps, road maps, kick start posters, or any other elements, add tremendous value to your motive and message. It does not matter a bit whether you are able to draw stories or not, as long as you deliver your message wisely because visual drawings and doodles are not about being perfect but rather about conveying your message to your targeted audience. These doodles are the building blocks to making bigger stories and these stories are like posters. So it is best to try and be fluent in visual language!

Visual Facilitation 

Three people brain storming with each other
Want to take your brainstorming meeting a level higher and make it more productive or hoping to introduce a brand new project? If yes, Visual Facilitation has to be your most supreme weapon among others in your virtual tool box!
Visual Facilitation plays a vital role in aspects such as brainstorming, idea exploration, unique thinking, creative enhancement, and much more! The simple breakdown of Visual Facilitation should consist of Collaborating, brainstorming, retrospective, daily scrum, kanban chart, etc. in our terms. You will become like a facilitator once you have tools to work with. Try using visual methods to execute those mental morals
Adaptation of new tech is continuing to accelerate and companies are emerging to chase growth and new trends rapidly. New customers and rising competitions give a boost to catch up on something new and worth the time and efforts. The only question here to is, who among all of us is willing to welcome the new and absolutely potential Visual thinking techniques.
Are you feeling overwhelming? Well, to be frank, the only way of getting better at Visual Thinking is by -yes you know it, you guessed it- practice, practice and more practice!
And do not just take my word for it, you can go ahead and conduct google searches or read out the quotes by the successful population and get guaranteed results extending to practicing!
If you need any additional help, you can contact me on my LinkedIn and I will be more than glad to help you out!

Happy Visualizing !

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