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Step up to become a refined VISUAL MASTER

If you have already participated in visual warm up, then you are ready for this workshop. In this workshop you will..

-> Learn various VISUAL PROCESSES which you can apply at your work place

-> Learn VISUAL TECHNIQUES on various business scenarios like Goal settings, Strategic planning, Exploring markets, Idea generation, Problem solving and Team building.

->Learn quick and easy methods of STORY BOARDING to visual explain any situation.

-> Gain confidence to facilitate/ supervise meetings VISUALLY.

This workshop will clearly make you a VISUAL MANAGER and

You will have all tools and tricks of VISUAL MASTERY


Communicating visually doesn’t end at just drawing icons and doodles casually. To get a team to work on something, you would need to define different VISUAL METHODS depending on DIFFERENT BUSINESS NEEDS and SITUATIONS.

When a set of data is laid out in a visual format, it is much easier for the team to absorb.

 Not only this, a well visualized data is also easier for teams to collaborate upon and make decisions from the data.

Are you excited to become a VISUAL MASTER with me ?



Flip your boring excel sheet filling into ENGAGING VISUAL MEETINGS


Don’t Take My Word for It


Piyuesh organised a fantastic workshop on visual communication and bussiness models for a team of youngsters between 13 to 29 years old working on solutions for Fast Fashion. His way of presenting and sharing knowlegde is super energitic, very inspiring and always with a lot of action involved. With his humor and cultural insides he creates a safe environment for everyone to express their true selves. As a trainer and project cordinator myself I’m always learning new things from him. Thank you for everything Piyuesh! I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.


Jan Van Iersal, Food technologist at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

I had a very nice workshop of business drawing and at the beginning I thought of myself if I will be able to draw something, but with use simple hints and techniques Piyuesh was able to get it started and running. We had a lot of fun with the whole team and lot of energy and got to know each other on another level. Thank you Piyuesh and this workshop is really something to do with your team.


Janiek-Eising Manager Friesland Campina

Me and my team had a fantastic workshop with Piyuesh last week! He is energizing, super helpful, and he managed to hit exactly the right tone for us as audience (and our workfield). The workshop is interactive, perfect balance between some theory, practicing and a lot of getting to work yourself! He gave us a lot of tips and tools to use in our further work and to start impressing & inspiring other colleagues with our visual techniques!!



Piyuesh is one of the most creative entrepreneurs I know. Always curious and eager to learn, develop himself and most of all: share it with others directly!
He knows exactly how to inspire and influence others to become their best selves, also as an entrepreneur. He trains with humor, depth, and perseverance!


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Specific take away from this workshop

-> You will know how to systematically draw your story on a flip chart which people will understand just by looking at it.
-> You will understand visual methods of collaboration and brain storming
-> You will know visual processes which can be used in specific problem situation.

So over all..

You will be able to make story board around any idea and solve a business problem using visual methods.

The workshop will follow this pathway..

 Warming up with business icons
Methods of Story board structuring
Working with story board metaphors and elements
Learning visual processes
Brainstorming and live drawing on visual processes

For whom..

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has to communicate with his team, clients or any other stake holder at his work. Communicating by visuals will help you get your message more precisely. Participants are mostly working professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, facilitators, business students and design students.

Material you will get

Set of 3 colored makers (Flat tip + Round tip)

Set of 3 pens

One A4 sketch book

Ebook “Kudos at Work”

No. of participants

Each open training workshop will have minimum 5 and maximum 15 participants. If there are less than 5 participants then the training will be cancelled and you will be 100% refunded.

Price (for individual training)

Open Training

296.45Per Person
  • 3 hours<br /> Incl 21% VAT<br /> Incl Drawing kit<br />

Price (for in-company training)

For in-company workshop, kindly contact us for custom quotation depending upon no. of participants and time duration.

Location, date and time

Open workshop locations are 

Den Bosch, Seats2Meet, Central Station

Eindhoven, Seats2Meet, near Strijp-S station

Utrecht, Seats2Meet, Central Station

Amsterdam, Amstel, We-work co-working

In-company workshops will be in your company location.

In company Workshops

In-company workshops are flexible in the sense that it can be of few hours to few days, depending upon the requirement and bandwidth. It can even be customized depending upon the participants from any specific department like IT, HR, Design etc. Please contact us.

After the basic workshop

After the basic visual warm up workshops, you are ready to step up. Choose any of the further workshops.