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Visual-Storytelling others

Online Training

Visual Storytelling in Business

 2 Days / 8 hours total / LIVE 

Platform – Zoom

Price: € 495 (excl. 21% VAT for Netherlands) per person


*  Are you always worried about your presentation being BORING & FULL OF TEXTS ?

* You FEAR that your message is NOT COMING ACROSS CLEARLY ?

*  Do you see people YAWNING in your presentations?

Then This Online Course is CERTAINLY for you !

You will learn to hand draw Visual Storytelling templates on Flip charts and Online Whiteboards.

Visual Storytelling in business friesland campina

I certainly did learn a new set of skills: I never knew I could be drawing, let alone expressing my thinking with doodles. What a revelation! Also what a great day of fun- Piyuesh’s energy is contagious. His drawing skills a match to his teaching ability. I can only recommend this workshop as an effective team building and training day !

Pierre Mille, Director Plan and Deliver, Friesland Campina, The Netherlands

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* Different kinds of Visual Storytelling formats like Poster, List, Process, Time, Comparison, and Road maps.

* Learn how information flows in a storytelling chart. 

* Learning visual hierarchy because what you are drawing needs to communicate the content and not just be looking beautiful.

* My storytelling formula CTFCM to ideate any storyboard 

* Get ready made storytelling templates for various business scenarios

* Hands-on drawing practice of visual storyboards. 


Journey Visual Story template by Willemien Brand 


* Team leads, scrum masters, agile coaches,  Project Managers, Product owners, Release train engineering (RTEs).

* Business Analysts and Sales managers. 

* Entrepreneurs and CXOs. 

* Trainers, coaches, facilitators and consultants.

* Brainstorming and design thinking facilitators. 

* Visual thinkers and Visual storytellers.


* This will be a live training with not more than 25 people. This is to ensure that every one is able to participate.

* Visual energizers helps to keep the energy levels high, lower ego guards and increase creativity level during team meetings (specially online meetings)


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Piyuesh Modi is the founder of Curious Piyuesh.com and works as Visual facilitator, Visual Storyteller and an Online Marketer. He is an MBA Marketing by education and have been an Entrepreneur for last 9 years.

He is on a mission to empower Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Designers with Visual Storytelling in business processes and communication.

He lives in The Netherlands has trained professional from The Netherlands, France, India, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, China, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Austria and Italy. 

He conducts both Virtual and Live Training sessions (with Covid guidelines) for teams. 

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The workshop was a lot of fun and showed a new way of communication. A lot of time to practice during the workshop and closing off with posters for direct business use. Now the challenge for us to adapt this way of communication and use it in daily practice. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm Piyuesh.

Kristel Lammers, Program Manager Plan and Deliver Transformational Consumer Dairy at Friesland Campina, The Netherlands


Piyuesh was great in arranging a workshop for our team. He aligned upfront about expectations, the topics and audience, and was able to adapt his learning interventions during the two sessions according to the needs of the participants. The workshop provided some good tools to help us draw our change story. Thanks Piyuesh, keep up the good work!

Dominique Brouwer, Project Manager (Plan & Deliver), Friesland Campina, The Netherlands


Me and my team had a fantastic workshop with Piyuesh last week! He is energizing, super helpful, and he managed to hit exactly the right tone for us as audience (and our work field). The workshop is interactive, perfect balance between some theory, practicing and a lot of getting to work yourself! He gave us a lot of tips and tools to use in our further work and to start impressing & inspiring other colleagues with our visual techniques!

Janiek Eisling, Product Manager, Friesland Campina


Piyuesh is one of the most creative entrepreneurs I know. Always curious and eager to learn, develop himself and most of all: share it with others directly! He knows exactly how to inspire and influence others to become their best selves, also as an entrepreneur. He trains with humor, depth, and perseverance!

Monique Van Dam, Founder, ONE WORLDcitizens, The Netherlands

Jan Van Iersal, Food technologist at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

I had a very nice workshop of business drawing and at the beginning I thought of myself if I will be able to draw something, but with use simple hints and techniques Piyuesh was able to get it started and running. We had a lot of fun with the whole team and lot of energy and got to know each other on another level. Thank you Piyuesh and this workshop is really something to do with your team.

Jan Van Iersel, Food Technologist at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, The Netherlands


5 great things – your humour throughout the session – the learning by doing approach – the workshop is compact in one day only – the overall content (what we learn is very good) – (for me) the Goal is reached. I learned what you said you would teach us

Adrien Hieber, Head of Sales & Engineering, Mubea Automotive Components, India


A super motivating and out of the box workshop. Thank you Piyuesh for making visuals so easy and applicable for anyone in any line of business. This workshops is a combination of fun and challenging reprograms your presentation skills

Uriharya Brokke, Sales Manager at Brainbox Consulting BV, Eindhoven


Highly energetic trainer. Fun and super practical. He will give lots of examples and there are plenty of exercises to practice. Looking forward to upgrade my workshops with more visuals and communicate better with my audience

Melanie van der Storm, Innovation Manager, Amsterdam


Highly energetic trainer. Fun and super practical. He will give lots of examples and there are plenty of exercises to practice. Looking forward to upgrade my workshops with more visuals and communicate better with my audience

Bart Gortworst, Industrial Product Designer, bjmgdesign.com


Fun and useful workshops! Exercises are really practical and I didn’t just forget them one week after the workshop, I am still using the skills Piyuesh thought me  Definitely recommended.

Ieva Vaitiekunaite, Industrial Design Student, TU Eindhoven




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