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How Visual Thinking Helps In Becoming a Better Manager?

by helly bordia March 31, 2021
How Visual Thinking Helps In Becoming a Better Manager? by Piyuesh Modi

You are the leader, their manager !

Are you still trying to compute the many alternatives to get them working efficiently ?

They are trying to reach their goals but not succeeding quite flawlessly?

My best guess is that you have brewed up numerous ideas to get them all acing it collectively, to get them engaged and dedicated to their work religiously.

These ideas do not come at a dime a dozen. Also, not going to lie, you have had many bright sunny days with some too. But all seem temporary.

You feel like you are empowering them with your verbal motivation, giving them an impactful oration to give in their 100%. These brief periods leave you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

You have tried to get all your team members on the same page a billion times but has it ever hailed success?


Is it possible to get them to do so?


Keep scrolling to know how to do so, effectively, through Visual thinking!

Know what goal you want to achieve

Visualizations are so much in vogue lately!

Now that we’re on the same page, here are a few ways that visualization can help you become a better project manager!


● Message received faster

Time is a luxury. And we cannot afford to lose it. If we are able to see the data that emerges from a project or work at one glance, it can go a long way towards saving you time. Additionally, Visual Thinking lets you focus on the parts of the project that really need your undivided attention.


● Communicate faster

Two friends communicating with each otherIt often results in frustration to get so close to what feels like a major quantum leap with your team but only for your team members to crawl back to old habits, poor communication and slow processing thinking. So, the visuals cut through half your time and saves you too many dramatic scenes and emotions and gets you fast forwarded to the conclusion.


● Fun because of Visual Thinking

Four friends creating a puzzle togetherVisualizing the agenda is an absolutely indispensable step, of course. It is an easy and fun way to give a start to your meeting. There are many examples of visual calendars available on the Internet that you could include in your schedule which produce maximum benefits. Time flies when you are having fun but Visualization cuts you some major slack. It is the best of both worlds, project managers and your team.


● Expand creativity 

Stars popping up from the brainOnce you wrap your head around something, your brain does not give up under any given circumstance. There are no bounds to becoming creative when it comes to visual thinking. Once you start, there’s no going back. New ideas keep boiling up and it gets overwhelming to pen it all out down and there’s a different kind of adrenaline that you’ll anticipate. Your thought processing speed multiplies and gives a boost to your brain.



A guy i blue trying to simplify a test paperVisuals often tend to simplify things for us to comprehend them. They are life changing once we understand the value! It brings about a colossal effect on your work with easy methods.


● Energizing

A guy in blue full of energy running with his swordLike we mentioned the adrenaline rush, it is not a sham. It is very much real. You will start developing an over zealous attitude which has no cons but only pros extended to it.


● To the point

A guy in blue targeting the apple with a shooting gunVisualization is tailored to your needs. It can speed up your process by leaps. A visual template has an immensely activating effect on our human race. Our brain is automatically triggered to fill in the blanks and cut the excess unnecessary load and get to the point in a jiffy.


Easily summarize with Visuals

A guy in yellow summarizing the concepts visuallyHow does the idea of understanding and comprehending everything at a glance sound? Marvelous, right? Yes, indeed it is. And it has a very legitimate way to it. Visual thinking makes it so much easier for us to perceive the notes. And I cannot stress enough on the fact that it is no rocket science! (only if mentored correctly)


● Involved presentation

A guy in yellow giving preentationThis is the most daunting task. We get it, no one is on the same page at work. And that often leaves you with a feeling of frustration, exhaustion, and honestly, gives an unfulfilled energy at the end of your day at your workplace. And this is the beauty of visual thinking, it brings together everyone and raises unity without anyone realizing it.


● Building together

Two friends joining the puzzle togetherWithin visual thinking, team building is a constant overriding concern to every project manager. To keep the team from falling apart, you should keep asking them and making them feel involved. This is an extremely vital step to always perform. Keep asking them questions, their opinions, perspectives and anything else that they would like to bring to your attention. This simple gesture creates a huge impact on your part!


Do you want help visualizing your meetings in a non- complicated manner? Don’t forget to check out our 3 Days Visual Thinking LIVE workshop from Netherlands.

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