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How Visual Goal Setting Increases Motivation and Collaboration Levels Of Employees

by helly bordia March 31, 2021
How Visual Goal Setting Increases Motivation and Collaboration Levels Of Employees by Piyuesh Modi

One of the top most factors that contribute highly to the favourable outcomes of any business or company is whether there is team spirit or unity ignited among the employees. It is fundamental to perform together as one in order to achieve a successful business.

Working solo on a project has proven to be less effective than working and collaborating with a team over a project. Not just that, working in teams even makes the process a lot more quicker in comparison with a single person working on his own. Now that the competition has been intensifying everyday, it has become of crucial importance to start vitalizing and uplifting creativity in your workplace. Visual Goal Setting really helps strengthen minds and relations among your team.
A guy in red setting his goal
Collaboration is generally said to take place when two individuals or a group of people work together towards achieving a common goal by sharing their ideas and skills. Working in unison helps towards making your employees become more responsible and raises their bar of confidence in their field. Now, do not get me wrong, collaboration does not necessarily have to take place face to face or physically. It can even take place virtually considering the ever advancing technology offered to us. Cloud software is a great example for that, where you can share your files and communicate virtually and visually.
Setting goals with the help of Visual Thinking is found to be equally challenging as meeting them. We shall bring some points to your notice that show how Visual Goal Setting helps in establishing effective employee goals:

Keeps your employees in the loop right from the beginning

Three people discussing with each other
There is nothing like when all the employees come under one roof, in one room and start brainstorming ideas together. The outcomes of this situation turn out to be immensely positive. Employees encourage one another with their creativity in visual thinking and hence the impact is greater. When involved, they even feel a sense of commitment regarding the certain project because of their assigned goals and aims. It gives them a kick to keep doing better things. They get a push since they have committed themselves to it.

It always seems to be flexible towards change

Naturally, you will be well accustomed to it once you get the knack of it. Visual Thinking helps you be pre­pared for goals and direc­tions to change in the course of time. Priorities change overnight and so do the plans corresponding to it. All these factors can cause a dramatic shift in the process but you need to be ready and welcoming towards it. Because as they popularly say, Business moves quick! Not only a flexible attitude will take you miles but along with it, you will need constant feedbacks and reviews regarding your visual thinking process.

Visual Goal Setting helps prepare for goals in current present time

The goals that were stagnant can quick­ly become obso­lete. Visual Thinking serves as a motivator for the ongoing goals and tasks. We often tend to set goals in the beginning of the year and tend to forget. With visuals, you could make a visual calendar and note them down to maintain it for a longer run and an easier grasp.

Communication is the key

A guy in yellow talking over a telephoneAbove everything else, make conversations a priority. Keep the com­mu­ni­ca­tion ongoing. Studies say that over 40% of workers claim that the guidance they receive is often too vague. But with visual thinking, nothing looks too vague. In fact, it becomes crystal clear and easy to comprehend as humans tend to understand images better than words.


Maintains a connection link between their personal goals and business objectives

It develops a sense of ownership in the employees and inspires them to continue working harder. Per­son­al goal become 10x times more mean­ing­ful if they are somewhere con­nect­ed to larg­er organ­i­sa­tion­al ambi­tions.

Visual Goal Setting it an employee friendly workplace

Three people working together to light the bulb
No employee should shy or fear away from your watch. Visuals tend to bring about a fun and friendly atmosphere around the room which makes it easier for everyone to talk and indulge.

Visual Goal Setting creates an impact on development of employees

When the employees have their visual goals set, their confidence instantly boosts up. Having absolute knowledge regarding your work, creates a great amount of impact on the employees work and attitude. It acts like a mirror and gives them a peek into their own pros and cons. Two heads can give a better insight than one.

It majorly helps in problem solving

A guy in red trying to solve a problemWhen a diversity of skills and mindsets are being pooled, it fabricates a diversified pool with a vast range of competencies, experiences, etc. Additionally, it helps save huge lumps of money if the collaboration is virtual and visual! Thanks to the Internet.

Visual Goal Setting gives you an insight of the bigger picture

No two heads think alike, so when you bring about more than one person in the scenario, it gives you multiple thought processes, vivid inputs, etc. So it always helps you see the picture in a more distinct way and with a better perspective. When people come in together from different backgrounds, it often helps you gain an idea about the bigger picture!

You learn from Visual Goal Setting 

Learning never halts. Knowledge is never enough. So everybody constantly keeps learning from one another. We encourage a culture of continuous learning and exploring. When we indulge in collaboration, giving in inputs and picking up new skills from each other comes in naturally. It enhances your capacity to learn.
Visual Goal Setting does not have to be a bane of the employees or anyone’s existence. Visual thinking helps improvise when applied and performed properly. It eases out all the complicated and abstract matter in an immensely subtle manner.
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