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How can visual thinking enhance business communication?

by Pragati Soni October 20, 2021
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Business is a never ending empire-building competition where networking and convincing people to buy your products or service is the key. Here, every second matters, since in such a fast-paced world, people have an average attention span of less than that of a goldfish’s eye. Unbelievable, right?

Therefore, you need to be quick and precise while pitching your idea, and that’s where visual thinking skills comes in.

By visual thinking, we simply think of a communicating through imagery, drawing and graphic design, other than the standard text based approach of communication your idea and concepts.

Visual strategies lets you quickly explain your point through visual creatures effectively and with minimal effort. It is so effective that it’s known to turn around business challenges into opportunities in no times.

Why is Visual Communication so important?

Grabbing audience attention and keep them engaged is one of the biggest challenges these days. Luckily for us, visual communication helps us transform key ideas into a distraction-proof, problem-solving tool for content creators.

The use of simple drawings helps refocus and retain memorable content in the minds of the target audience and enhance overall customer journeys. Visual communication skills helps you make sure that your audience remembers the information and complex concepts for a long time. It is the visual note, images and content that get stored in your memory for an eternal period of time.

Also, visual thinking tools boosts up comprehension and memory while the audience is indulged in the content. It is essential to keep the viewers are engaged along to understand the content better.

Visual tools will help the readers to remember them. That is because they will summarize the critical points, making it easy for the readers. These, along with many other reasons, make visual processing significant for businesses.

How does visual thinking work?

Visual thinking helps you relate your message and communication with real life instances which activates the emotions of the target audience. As a result of which it establishes an analogy to every piece of content you want to communicate, no matter how simple or complex it can be and leaves a long lasting impression on your audience.

How to develop visual thinking using tools?

If you are unfamiliar with visual thinking, then attending a visual thinking workshop would be the best option to get started. As you develop your command over visual thinking tools, you will eventually not need any other resource except a paper and understanding of design.

So, here we are with some tools and strategies you can use!

Virtual/Physical Whiteboards:

Whiteboards get your message across quickly and visually, even if they seem to be old. They are efficient, especially in meetings and team communication. Digital whiteboards usually offer unlimited space, along with a range of graphics and icons to assist you with models as you work through problems and opportunities. Don’t worry, if you do not have one, use sticky notes or piece of paper to practice it.


Colorful, visual representations of data that present information clearly is what you can call Infographics. They are primarily used to convey the message in a minimalistic way about the topic. Infographics make it simple for any average person to understand data.

Diagrams & Charts:

Diagrams and charts come in all shapes and sizes. A great example that you might notice is flowcharts. With the help of colors and icons, flowcharts are frequently used to illustrate the steps in a business process. Timelines, Organizational charts and Venn Diagrams are some other common examples.

Kanban Boards:

Kanban boards can be considered a mix of a flowchart and cards to display work procedures. They represent tasks or activities and columns to depict every stage throughout a process. Several people can align and integrate over projects with time while working in groups, thanks to them. 

There are many other forms and tools, apart from the ones listed above. In fact, you can even create your own custom format, designed to give you the maximum efficiency, if you are experienced enough. 

outcomes of visual thinking

What else can Visual Thinking do?

In the world of business, the customer reigns supreme. If you run a business yourself, you must understand your customers. Visuals assist you with that by helping you figure out the most preferred choices customers make.

Visual thinking can also speed up your Learning & Understanding capabilities. It has been scientifically proven that there are more visual learners than any other types of learners. So, there is a high chance that you will learn the best through visual learning.

A plus about Visual thinking is that it engages all age groups. Children and Senior Citizens understand visuals equally effectively. So, with visuals, you can present information to all age groups with high impact.

Now, imagine an event you are organizing. Your audience seems a little reserved, and you do not know how to get everyone at ease. Wondering how to do it? How about a visual? Yes, visuals also serve as a crafty way for breaking the ice.

This is all about visual thinking. Before you move on, we would like to inform you that the best strategies for visual thinking to boost your business will be your own. For that, understand your business deeply and completely, and then seek to consult. All the best!

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