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FREE 10 days Business Doodling Challenge

by CuriousPiyuesh September 08, 2020
10 Day Business Doodlig challenge

1. Practice these 10 business doodles (in one go or 10 days doesn’t matter)

2. Share your practice sheet on your instagram story and tag me ‘curiouspiyuesh’

3. I will send you a FREE surprise gift on your instagram DM

So basically you win free gifts for learning business doodling.

How cool is that !! 😲

Start now

Day 1 

Business Doodles on Motivated and demotivated teams

Click on the image below

Day 2 

Business Doodles on Scrum Master and Debugging 

Click on the image below


Check all 10 days

Day 3 

Business Doodles on Decision making and Confusions

Click on the image below

3 business doodling

Day 4 

Buiness Doodles on Cloud services and IT infrastructure

Click on the image below

4 business doodling

Day 5 

Business Doodles on Product Delivery

Click on the image below

5 business doodling

Day 6

Business Doodles on Stake Holder Tug of War

Click on the image below

6 business doodling

Day 7

Business Doodles on Crucial Communication

Click on the image below

7 business doodles

Day 8

Business Doodles on Knowledge Transfer 

Click on the image below

8 business doodling

Day 9

Business Doodles on Project Timeline

Click on the image below

9 business doodling

Day 10

Business Doodles on Team Collaboration

Click on the image below

10 business doodling

Check all 10 days

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