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We offer both ‘in-company’ and ‘open’ workshops. For in-company workshops, you have to reach us to fix a time and date. If you are an individual, then you can choose an ‘open training date’  as per your comfort. In open training, you will meet and learn together with other participants.

For Individual Training

Check the open training schedule and then scroll down to fill the form.

For In-Company Training

Kindly get in touch with us by filling the form below. Don’t miss to mention the number of participants, date / time and about the participants (their department and objective of visual learning). We will give you a call within one-business day.

Workshop types (click to read more)

  1. Visual warm up: Basic business drawings (3 hrs)
  2. Visual mastery: Visual/ Graphic facilitation and collaboration methods (3 hrs)
  3. Visual/Graphic facilitation in scrum and agile(contact)
  4. Visual / Graphic facilitation training & techniques in lean (contact)
  5. Visual /Graphic facilitation training & techniques in digital marketing (contact)
  6. In-company training (contact)




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