Business Doodles 4 Days assignments

by 9rmgb November 13, 2020

4 Days Assignment Guidelines

  1. Follow the guidelines for each day as mentioned below 
  2. Take a good sharp picture of your drawing
  3. Write a good story on your Linkedin post
  4. Tag relevant people (as per assignment requirements)
  5. Tag me (Piyuesh Modi)
  6. Include this Link: in your post 
  7. Share your Post URL :

Day 1 Assignment : Personality chart 

Think of any one of your colleague/boss/manager at work (current or previous).

Mention 3-5 of his professional qualities which you liked and draw a personality chart similar to show below.

Tag the person on linkedin 

Day 1 assignment

Day 2 Assignment : Process Chart

Draw a process chart using template shown below. Tag your company or your process manager, project manager on linkedin. Your process can be anything for eg ..

a) 5 step process to get what you want out of life

b) Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps

c) Your own – 3,4,5 step process which you remember

Day 2 assignment

Day 3 Assignment : Planning chart 

a) Write a story on Marketing in times of corona. A change of strategy which you might have thought of. You can also pick someone else’s marketing story as well.

b) Tag 3 marketer’s of similar industry asking what they think.

Day 3 Assignment

Day 4 Assignment : Project Plan

a) Visualize the basic format of your project plan

b) Tag 3 world’s top or your company’s top project heads

c) Write a story explaining the project sequence and make a post along with visualization on Linkedin

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